10 March 2006

Marathon Top Ten

I'm quite prolific today. Boredom does that. I was planning my training for the May 1/2 marathon and a) I am freaking out since there's only 12 weeks left to train and b) I ran across my motivating top 10 list. I'd like to run a marathon in the fall, and there's an ultra-marathon through Hell,Michigan in September. There's some running lingo but I hope you still enjoy. :) ljs

The top 10 reasons to run a marathon
10: Hitting “the Wall” can be just as fun for you as it was for Pink Floyd
9: Running 26.2 kilometers just doesn’t sound as cool
8: Epic struggles make for better memoirs
7: We have not yet busted ALL of the Ann Arbor flashers
6: Running through Hell will seem fun by comparison
5: Two words…Carbo Loading!! (mmm…beer)
4: What else are we going to do on Sunday mornings? Cook?
3: Negative splits aren’t as painful as they sound
2: The race is just a 10 K…with a 20 mile warm up
1: Having bragging rights forever is priceless


Ber said...

Hee! Personally, I like number 7. Next time, I say we just kick him in the balls rather than run away. I mean, his pants were around his ankles, what was he gonna do? Waddle after us?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Heh. I like your idea. Don't f&*k with Alpha girls!