04 January 2007

I'm Podded

Today was my first day as a pod person, and I entered into the lifestyle knowing full damn well that it would mark a long deep downward spiral into solipsism. I used to scoff those bright white cords coming out of people ears, I used to think that they were becoming the Borg...or worse, zombies. I used to think that the "i POD of isolation" is not good for society as a whole because it discourages social interaction and undermines the ability to try new things. In some respects, I still hold these tenets, and they will keep my podding in check. But let me tell y'all...when the sun is shining bright on a Michigan morning and you've got "A day in the life" hummin in your ears...that's pretty awesome.

If I start "urrrrrrrr" ing...please take away the pod.

Thanks to the Pork Chop Express for the image!


Anonymous said...

The Ipod rules and I must say, it is a great way to avoid the street urchins downtown.

Though I had to look up solipsism

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I first saw that word in reference to Dave Eggers-go figure. ;)