26 January 2007

Ere, I saw Elba

I'm really REALLY happy to see that Hyperion is mostly back from exile, although now this means I'll have to stop slacking from the Monkey Barn. As always, Hypey's exploits are great reading...check out his glorious return to cyberspace and see why he loves Yoga Booty.
Seriously though, go and visit Hyperion and throw the lad some beef jerky please. It'll brighten his day. There's an address too if you are inclined to send him a postcard.

Reverse jet lag sucks. It's 12:21 am and so. not. tired. But it's great to be home, my throat and eyes are happier and believe it or not...I missed the cold grey Michigan winter.
There's no place like home, and I'm glad to see Hypey's home (of sorts) and I'm happy to be home.

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Anonymous said...

yea so am i