10 January 2007

Ms. Bean

Like every morning, I pay homage to the great bean of coffee and I really liked this article that dreams of all that may be in the future of coffee brewing. I have two choices chez Scarlett...french press brewed coffee or a latte. Either way...it's so yummy. And I love the little cups and the process of making coffee.
I think tonight I'll be experimenting with my latte: Starting with the yummiest Decaf coffee ever (hey, even pirates need to sleep!) and topping off with steamed milk flavored with Kaluha.
Sounds yummy huh? A Kaluha latte! I'll let you know how it turns out.
:) LJS

PS...I'm LOVING my iPOD!


Anonymous said...

Decaf is like kissing your sister, and while I would love pictures of you doing that, in the end, whats the use.

Anonymous said...

My Agent has been caffeine-free since Oct 2005 (which sounds so much more impressive, now that we're in 2007).

And anything with Kahlua is a delight!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

The froth was divine, but me thinks I added a bit too much Kahlua because the latte was very strong. So I'll be trying another version tonight. :D